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The Lincoln & Omaha area is full of communities with wonderful landscapes. With how fast the trends are changing now days with your your homes Landscaping. It’s no longer just plants and mulch. Outdoor entertainment spaces are becoming a huge part of the common landscape. Here at Integrity we push to succeed at providing each and every customer with top of the line services and designs that will last for the years to come. Our landscaping designs will provide beauty along with functionality that can make your neighbors envy your yard.

With over 22 years of experience, working in the Lincoln and Omaha communities providing top of the results . We’ve helped Lincoln & Omaha families, landscape their homes to create functional space that increases the value of their property.  Hiring ILR for all your any or all of your landscaping needs will be a choice that you wish you made sooner. We will be there through the whole process start to finish making sure everything is done to our standard. 


The Landscape Design is the most important step to creating a functional yet beautiful outdoor space. Whether your trying to create simple planting bed or complex entertainment space. You need to start with a design. Picking the proper plants for the locations and creating beds that flow with the house and are just outlining the house all create the landscaping to flow and fit in with the design of the house.

What to know ahead of time is have an idea of colors you like and don’t like. Plants that you love by smells and plants that you prefer to not have in the landscape. Let your designer know this when doing your prepping ahead of time for the design.

A great design will incorporate not only the plants and bed design but will also include the hardscaping. Walls, patios, firepits and also Pergolas or covered spaces.


Pavers are the perfect addition to any home. Whether its a huge statement like a drive way or a patio to something on the smaller scale as the front entry way.

Picking out the right paver stone is huge in making that statement. The every changing world of pavers is making almost any idea possible. Let us be there to help make your dreams a reality. We will help you throughp the types of  pavers  and the design process of your project.

The lay out to flow with your exhisting landscape or even your new project is what we excel at. After seeing your dream project on design we will walk you through the process and time lines of how long the project will last.

ILR is currently ICPI certified for residential and commercial installer. 



Retaining walls are a something that becoming not only a function peice of the landscaping but also a statement. There are so many designs and colors to pick from. It can make it tough for a homeowner to pick. There are so many different specific projects that require different types of retaining block to be installed. Contacting ILR we will go through your project with you and walk you through which block your project will need and the difference in the process that set the retaining wall up for long term success.

Here at Integrity, another important aspect that a lot of customer don’t know is that there is a certification program to go through with continuing education required. We are SRW certified in all 3 levels. This is important in the warranty of your retaining wall.  


Ponds are amazing addition to any landscape. The sounds of water running are very calm and relaxing. They bring all kinds of animals and birds to drink out of your water feature. They are also important to many eco systems.

Understanding how water flows around rocks to make that perfect water sound from all directions and creating the even flow across the face of your feature is very important. 

At ILR we love to create water features of any size inside or outdoors out of any materials or any challenge you through our way. Making the final product look like it is natural and then adding plantings a long with  river rock or stones to make the whole thing look as if it had been there for generations and it will be there for generations to come. 



Landscape plans serve as so many things in a landscape outside of just being a plant. They create color, they soften the face of your home “make it cozy or warm’. Plants are also a huge importance to the eco system. 

We are passionate about our plants and strive to make sure that each and everyn plant we put in the ground will live to its full life.

Designing a landscape that has proper plant placement for the optimal living conditions of that plant and also serving a purpose is our goal.

 It is our mission to create a landscape that will grow into is space and habbit not to design a landscape that is to full and someone has to cut the plants out or worse start over some day. 


This are can be so many things from a firepit area to the full blown outdoor bar grill with cover or even a structure that opens to the area. This enterainment area are becoming ever so popular with not only the younger generation but as well the older generation. 

They create amazing areas in the landscape or even around the pool for relaxe and enjoy your days off. These areas are created to be like your on a vacation. 

With people wanting to spend more times outdoors and working from home. The outdoor space creates  a warm welcoming space to relaxe or let loose and have a good time with your family and friends in the warm months. 

Let us help you with all your needs to create the best Landscaping space of your dreams and create an oasis at your home. 

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