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Your kitchen can be the focal point of your home. And when you start a kitchen remodeling project with Integrity Landscape & Remodeling you’ll learn how. And we view this process as an educational moment. So not only are you redefining your home, but you’re also learning the benefits. Due to budget restrictions some families are forced to have a strict game plan. And as a result we’ve helped homeowners design, plan, and build their new kitchens with less. Most of all, we work with a variety of people with different styles so we’re not limited to one taste. As a result we can design traditional, contemporary, or modern kitchens. And that means almost unlimited choices for your new kitchen.

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Kitchen Remodeling Estimate

First of all, we get excited about kitchen remodeling projects. So we have no problem estimating a kitchen remodel for free. In addition to the remodel estimate we like to educate you on realistic expectations rather than sell you. And selling you is the opposite of what we want. Instead our goal is to make this pressure free yet also easy. And at the conclusion of the estimate we hope you see us as a resource that’s helped you you understand what it takes to remodel your kitchen.


Kitchen planning begins with picking colors, textures, and style of your kitchen. Because this isn’t a broad list of wants we need to be very specific. Almost overly detailed which will help in the long run. Hence the reason for picking everything from the sink type and color, to the handles on your cabinets. And of course all of this will affect your budget. Yet specific kitchen planning means we’re able stick to that budget. This also helps us figure out what is needed and what you want. Finally, kitchen remodeling and planning can be frustrating yet that doesn’t have to be the case with us.

Kitchen Design

Figuring out the design and style of your new kitchen is more or less about strategy. At Integrity Landscape & Remodeling we focus less wants and more on the space your family utilizes in the kitchen. We also think about how your family will benefit from more storage and extra counter space. So kitchen design is another tool to help you define your budget and your needs. If there’s an option to save money on your layout, then we can put that money towards some of your new kitchen wants – whether that’s appliances, specific textures, or maybe some new kitchen utensils.


Remodeling your kitchen shouldn’t be forced. And if done right can be an exciting process. As a result you have a new kitchen you’re absolutely in love with. Which means we have to work quick as much as we work smart. Also communicating and educating you along the way. And as much as we’d like to start your project today, we try to schedule projects throughout the year. So if you’re eager to get started make sure you let us know and we can start planning your kitchen remodel today.